Feminist Juliet (feministjuliet) wrote in goodnickelodeon,
Feminist Juliet

Bye Bye Beavers

I found out recently after researching online why the Angry Beavers got canceled. Had to do with Mitch Schaur(sp?) exposing nick for what they really are in an unaired episode which pissed them off. I have to say I KNEW the angry beavers was an abnorm cartoon...that proves it.....you got guts Mitch...I salute you... ((if you ask and I'm up to it I will find a link where you can hear a clip of the unaired episode))

Anyway I remember being so overly obsessed with them I actually went crazy cause of no cable for 2 years then jumped for joy when I heard Norberts voice in Sabrina's cat ((Nick Bakay))

Anybody who was obsessed or at least loved the angry beavers? I know there are lots of inside jokes and lots of episodes I missed cause it got dumb after the first two seasons but I think mitch took huge risks with some of his episodes and I salute him for that too. I remember my teenage perverted internet-less self making up a messed up version of "Bummer of Love" He he he. remember when Dag when "she dumped ya" I made him say "she ****ed ya" ....long story heh
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