Feminist Juliet (feministjuliet) wrote in goodnickelodeon,
Feminist Juliet


OMG I won't even read the posts here yet SO much old school nickelodeon was taken off.......I hate it. I remember when Nick Jr. had cool shows like "adventures of the little koala" I remember "salute your shorts" and "hey dude" and "Stick stickly" and when slime time was REAL not this slime time live shit. I wish digital cable would come up with a channel to dedicate to old school nickelodeon that and I wish Noggin brought back old sesame street episodes *Sniffle* I am so sad thinking about all my old shows that went bye bye.....oh BTW I'm 21 years old so yeah I remember the REAL nick jr. also fred penners place, eureka's castle, special delivery, pinwheel etc.
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