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The All That Special

I have mixed feelings about the special.

On the one hand it was a reunion of some of the original cast. This is probably the most "old school-ness" that Nick will do for a while. It was nice seeing Kenan, Kel, and the gang. Also, the Goodburger skit was VERY funny. Also the Coach Kreton skit was alright. Those skits actually felt like the old All Thats.

On the other hand, for the most part, I was very disappointed. After seeing the intro, they showed the whole original cast, and I made the assumption that all the people they showed in the intro would be there. Barring the Goodburger skit, the majority of the skits were pretty lame. The "fashion police" one was actually PAINFUL to watch. I had to change the channel. The new kids are just so... Horrible. Yuck. Also, "the funniest skit of all time" was lame. Gee... I wonder why that skit won? Probably because all the kids who watch the new All Thats weren't around to see the originals. There is no way that, that lame skit was the best skit ever. No WAY. x.x And then, the music guests... Uf. The female singer was dressed in these skin tight 2 inch long "shorts" shaking her "stuff" with several dancers... That's normal right? I don't think the little 8 year olds in the crowd should be seeing people so inappropriately dressed. Ugh. I didn't even sit through Little Bow Wow's (I think) song. I'm not one to judge how people express themselves, but I'm sure most people here wouldn't want their little daughters dressing like, the first female performer. Woops, getting a little sidetracked. :P

Sorry if I seem mad or rude. Also sorry if I offended anyone. I just need to vent a little bit. I'm just disappointed and am starting to realize that Nick will never be like it was, back in the day. ): I miss my childhood.

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