Feminist Juliet (feministjuliet) wrote in goodnickelodeon,
Feminist Juliet

who remebers the good ole days....

when enter at home games existed? Remember the "tune into snick" game shows or even the ones BEFORE snick! Like the REAL slime time, during the summer you stayed at home waiting for a number to call so you can enter then when a winner is chosen they did a match game with a phone pad? Or what about staying at home to enter "nick or treat" where you had to answer your phone as "nick or treat" to win? Or who even remembers the magic of them coming up with special medolies of holiday episodes and I quote "you can sort out your goodies while waching rugrats and you can eat them while watching Doug" ((the halloween episodes)) that to this day is STILL my favorite rugrats episode when they thought they had to scream to get a reptar bar. I also remember slumber parties being 10 X better with snick.....and the OLD all that....with the whiney girl katrina NOT with Jamie Spears and all this other crap anybody else remember?
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